The Nut Butters & Gleenz Story

“Nut Butters can be healthy AND tasty? Impossible!” they said. “Challenge accepted.” we said. We turned our love for Nut Butters into a mission. A mission that would make Nut Butters fun for everyone. A mission we accomplished. But why are we so obsessed with Nut Butters, you ask?


Our about


FARM BASKET NUTRITION LLP, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Best Quality Delicious Peanut Butter Products and Pure Natural Peanut Paste Products from India shipping over 50+ Brands of Peanut Butter to over 20 countries globally in 3 continents of the world. We are Gujarat based Company with well managed staff and top quality equipment.

We are specialized in supplying our Best Quality Delicious Peanut Butter Products in the Private Label as well as in our brands (Gleenz Brand).

Our Peanut butter is made from finest quality Raw peanuts and our product confirms to the following International Standards:

  • BRC Grade “A” Certified
  • ISO 22000:2005

We have a state of the art manufacturing unit which is equipped with imported automatic machinery and has the latest technology to serve you the finest Quality Delicious Peanut Butter Products and Pure Natural Peanut Paste Products. We have a strong R&D team and we maintain international standards of hygiene and quality control at each and every stage of production. Peanut butter is supplied in high quality food grade PET Jars and Buckets or as per customer requirement for Retail Business and Pails or drums for food service Industry. We are engaged in “Private Labelling” for our valued customers across the world. Here are the products we made for our genuine customers

Peanut Butters are SUPER grains

Nut Butters are naturally gluten-free, check all the nutrition boxes, and are way more nutritionally dense than wheat and rice. Why wouldn’t you want them to be a part of your diet?

Peanut Butters can save the world

It takes 3000-5000 litres for 1kg of paddy but only 550 litres of water to produce 1 kg of peanut butters! We love this stat..and it shows!

Peanut Butters deserved a facelift

Nut Butters are much sought-after across the world but ironically, they’ve been neglected in India. They are healthy and are much better for the world. Hence, we reimagined Nut Butters that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Have you gone nuts? These are Super Nuts!

Environment friendly products

Zero preservatives and additives

NO maida, transfat or cholesterol

Rich in calcium, protein and fibre